The best Lightning wallets

lightning wallets

The best Lightning wallets

A Lightning wallet is software to send and receive Lightning payments. Lightning wallets contain a BTC balance and a Lightning balance as well, because Lightning is build on top of Bitcoin. When you open a channel you make an onchain transaction and the funds will move from your BTC balance to your Lightning balance in the designated channel. Now an unlimited amount of instant and extremely cheap transactions can be made with the party on the other side of the channel. You can also transact with veryone else connected as long as the funds remain sufficient and the channel remains open.

Lightning wallets and Lightning Nodes
List of Lightning wallets
Lightning hardware nodes
Lightning hardware wallets
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Information about the Lightning Network

Lightning wallets and Lightning nodes

lightning nodes

Lightning Nodes

Some wallets require the user to set up a Lightning node, others connect to the node of the wallet provider. A Lightning node runs on top of a Bitcoin full node, thus to set up a Lightning node you first have to set up a Bitcoin full node and then connect it with the Lightning node. You can choose between three implementations of Lightning: LND, Eclair or C-Lightning. Running a node will not only give you monetary sovereignty but also make you some money by routing fees through the network. 

List of Lightning wallets

There are multiple Lightning wallets available for main net. Nodes have to be non-stop online to avoid theft by sending an old version of the Lightning transaction to the blockchain, this will be solved by watch towers in the future. Because watchtowers are not fully developed yet some Lightning wallets can only be used to send and not to receive. This will change when the tech is ready. This are the currently available Lightning wallets:

Eclair Lightning Wallet

eclair lightning walletEclair is a simple lightweight Lightning wallet for Android and thus available in the app store. Currently you can use this wallet only to send funds. Receiving will be supported in the future when the watchtower tech is ready and tested. You can connect with the ACINQ node to be well connected or connect to a node of choice. LND Thin Lightning wallet.

LND Thin Wallet

lnd lightning walletThe LND Thin Wallet is available for IOS and Android and enables the user to send and receive funds. To run this wallet on your mobile device you need to run an own Lightning node on another device and connect to it. When you run your own node or are willing to set up one this is a great wallet.

Lightning Wallet

lightning walletLightning Wallet is an Android wallet that enables you to send funds over the Lightning Network and receive as well. Because watch towers are not yet deployed, you have to be online to receive off chain funds. This Lightning wallet is a stand alone wallet running on a SPV node. You don’t have to rely on the service of a 3rd party.

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