Use the Lightning Network cheaper and more efficient with Lightning providers

lightning providers

Lightning Providers

Payment channels have to be funded with onchain transactions and a network fee have to be paid. To make this cheaper and more convenient you can use the service of a Lightning provider. A Lightning provider can fund your channels when they are running out of funds or bring the Bitcoin you received through the Lightning Network back onchain.




Share the cost of opening a Lightning channel
Keep payment channels open
Other services of Lightning providers
Lightning exchanges
List of Lightning providers
List of Lightning exchanges
Information about the Lightning Network
Hardware for the Lightning Network
A pre-configured Lightning node
Hardware wallets for Lightning


Share the cost of opening a Lightning channel

share the cost of a lightning channel

Share the cost of a Lightning channel

Bitcoin has seen periods with high network fees in the past and it is very possible that this will happen again in the future. When network fees are high, opening a Lightning channel will be expensive too. Lightning providers can heavily reduce the cost by opening multiple channels in one transaction through batching or opening a very well funded channel and sending the funds to multiple users. This way you can actually share the cost of opening a channel with multiple other users. You can still use the Lightning Network cheaply in an era of high fees. 

Keep payment channels open

keep lightning channels open

Keep Lightning channels open

Opening and closing Lightning payment channels cost money, thus you want to keep them open as long as possible. When your channel is running out of funds because you have spend more than you received you would normally close the channel and open a new better funded channel. A Lightning provider can send Lightning funds to top up your channel so that you can keep it open.

When you received more than you have spend and want to take the accumulated funds out of the channel you can send them to a Lightning Provider and let them pay you back onchain. This enables you to take your funds out without closing the channel.

Other services of Lightning providers

submarine swaps

Submarine Swaps

Lightning providers will probably deliver additional services in the future to make the use of Lightning as cheap, convenient and scalable as possible. Future innovation like splicing and submarine swaps will probably bring new solutions and make the Lightning network an even more interesting place!

Lightning exchanges

lightning exchange

Lightning exchange

A Lightning exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that enables you to deposit and withdrawal with Lightning or an exchange that is build on top of Lightning. When an exchange is build on top of Lightning, orders can be instantly filled without a trusted 3rd party to coordinate the trade.

When you still have some altcoins or Bitcoin forks and you want to get rid of them you can sell them on a Lightning exchange. From here you can fund your channels for a tiny fee.

List of Lightning providers

Re-fill or balance your Lightning channel 

lightning conductorWith LIGHTNING CONDUCTOR you can top up your lightning channel and pay with an onchain transaction or take funds out of your channel and receive onchain Bitcoin. Through this service you will be able to keep your channel open while maintaining the requested balance. You can also open a channel to Lightning Conductor to be very well connected to the entire Lightning Network.

List of Lightning exchanges

Exchange top cryptocurrencies within seconds

lightning exchange zigzagAt Zigzag you can exchange the most common cryptocurrencies instantly. You can set the cryptocurrency you want to buy and send Bitcoin Lightning from your Lightning wallet. The crypto will be send to your wallet. The Exchange is in an early stage. Functions as well as additional cryptocurrencies will be added.

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