General information about Lightning Network and a list of stores where Lightning is accepted

lightning accepted

Lightning accepted!

Lightning Network is a new payment technology that is build on top of Bitcoin. Lightning is accepted in many places already. The list of Lightning accepting merchants is expanding fast. It is expected that Bitcoin Lightning will be the dominant payment method of the future. It is a decentralised solution that will greatly outperform current payment solutions since it is instant, extremely cheap to use and programmable.

What is Lightning Network?
Why use Lightning Network?
Why should I accept Lightning for my business?
Exciting possibilities with Lightning Network
List of merchants where Lightning is accepted
Hardware for the Lightning Network
Pre-configured Lightning hardware nodes
The best Lightning hardware wallets

What is Lightning Network?

lightning network

The Lightning Network

Lightning Network? is a payment network build on top of Bitcoin through payment channels. Payment channels can be opened by creating a Bitcoin transaction that is not broadcasted to the blockchain yet. Therefore balances in the payment channel can be updated without registration on the blockchain. It will only be settled when the channel is closed and the transaction is broadcast to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Simple smart contracts enforce the rules of the network. When someone is cheating the transaction will be directed to the blockchain and his counterparty will receive all the funds. This means that the blockchain is only used for final settlement and as a judge when people don’t play according the rules. This way huge capacity can be established at a minimum cost of resources.

Payment channels can also update balances between each other and create an entire network where all connected nodes can transact. When two nodes are not directly connected the payment will find a route through other connected nodes and pay a tiny fee for their service. Onion routing is used. Forwarding nodes can only know who the node before and after him is. It is impossible to know who the initial sender or final receiver is. Therefore Lightning is anonymous.

For more technical information read the LIGHTNING PAPER.

Why use Lightning Network?

why use the Lightning Network

Reasons to use the Lightning Network

Lightning Network is the best decentralised solution for day to day payments and you can just use Bitcoin: The most widely accepted cryptocurrency.

Lightning is the best solution to use for day to day payments because it is:

  • Instant
  • Extremely low transaction fees
  • Secure
  • Private
  • No middleman
  • No fraud
  • Censorship resistant

Why should I accept Lightning for my business?

accept lightning

Accept Lightning

Lightning Network is the only cryptocurrency payment solution that is scalable without degeneration of the network. It meets all the requirements for the user as described above. Lightning is by far the most promising candidate to become the standard for day to day payments. It will serve you when you are one of the early adopters.

When you manage to attract a lot of volume you will not only earn money on your core business, but also by routing external payments through your node when it is well connected. furthermore, as with Bitcoin payments you will save a lot of money on fraud and administration costs since Lightning payments are final and charge backs are not possible. You can use a payment processor that convert your Bitcoin directly into fiat when you want to avoid the high volatility of Bitcoin. But remember that the volatility is generally to the upside.

Lightning has a strong and fanatic community. When you advertise that you accept Lightning on this website, the r/bitcoin Reddit and Bitcointalk forum you will certainly gain extra customers. They will choose your business above others just because they can pay with Lightning.

Exciting possibilities with Lightning Network

bitcoin lightning network

The Bitcoin Lightning Network

By getting involved in Lightning very interesting possibilities pop up that were not possible before. Extremely small micro transactions can be made and streaming of money can be done. Also community driven actions become possible: E.g. rankings can be decided by the amount of satoshi’s the community allocates. Also spam can be avoided by adding a tiny cost for sending an email.

On top of these basic functions Lightning applications (Lapps) can be created by combining swaps, simple smart contracts and Lightning payments. In the beginning it will be used as foundation for decentralised exchanges, in computer games and gambling. Eventually it could displace the entire use case of smart contract platforms like Ethereum.

List of merchants where Lightning is accepted:

Top up your phone with Lightning

top up your phone with lightningWith BITREFILL you can top up your mobile phone using Bitcoin or Lightning Network. Bitrefill is connected with more than 600 operators in over 150 different countries, so almost every pre-paid phone around the world can be topped up this way. Bitrefill works easy and fast, a top up is done within a few minutes.  Beside topping up your phone you can also buy Amazon gift cards with Lightning and buy gift cards for hotels and flights using the Lightning Network. Also Skype and Viber dollars can be bought at Bitrefill with Lightning.

Pay for VPN anonymously with Lightning

pay for vpn with lightningTORGUARD is a respected VPN service that accepted cryptocurrencies for a while already and was one of the first to accept Lightning payments. When you pay for VPN with Lightning you add another layer of anonymity because you won’t leave any traces through your payment. Get VPN from a reputable provider and pay on the Lightning Network!

Buy decentralised domain names with Lightning

buy decentralised domain names with LightningAt PEERNAME you can buy decentralised domain names and pay for it with Lightning. Extensions like .bit, .coin, .eth, .lib, .bazar, .emc and .onion are available. These extensions are used for blockchain based domain names on Namecoin, Emercoin, NXT and Ethereum. Buy censorship resistant domain names and pay with Lightning!

Buy a cryptosteel with Lightning

buy cryptosteel with lightningAt BILLFODL you can order indestructible stainless steal devices to back up your private keys. Standard private keys can be secured and backup seeds upto 24 words as well. At Billfodl you can buy a quality cryptosteel and pay with Lightning.

Buy and trade gold with Lightning

buy and trade gold with LightningVAULTORO is an exchange where Bitcoin and gold, the two most important inflation proof assets can be traded. Gold can be bought and stored in an insured and audited vault. The service of Vaultoro is a perfect way to combine your potent Bitcoin investment with a more stable gold investment in a inflation proof portfolio.

Buy gold and silver coins and bullion with Lightning

buy gold and silver coins with lightningAt BITGILD you can buy gold and silver coins or bullion and pay with Lightning. Physical gold and silver is a perfect supplement to a Bitcoin investment and will decrease the volatility of your overall portfolio while maintaining the inflation proof character. Gold and silver is delivered internationally and the delivery is insured by Bitgild.

Buy ‘The Bitcoin Standard’ or Bitcoin Cash toilet paper with Lightning

buy the bitcoin standard with lightningAt MOONSTUFF you can buy Bitcoin collectables, Bitcoin Cash toilet paper and the amazing book ‘The Bitcoin Standard’  written by Saifedean Ammous with Lightning. The Bitcoin Standard is a must read for every bitcoiner (and actually every non bitcoiner too). and buying it with Lightning will be way more satisfactory than buying it on Amazon.

Buy Bitcoin shirts, hats, mugs and towels with Lightning

At BITCOINSHIRT.CO you can buy Bitcoin related items like shirts, hats, mugs, backpacks, phone cases, pillows, posters, scarves and towels. You can pay with Bitcoin and Lightning as well and products can be shipped worldwide. Show your obsession of Bitcoin, dress in Bitcoin clothes and pay with Lightning!

Use Lightning Network to buy digital stuff like e-books, games and software

buy digital goods with lightningAt CoinMall you can buy a variety of digital goods and services and pay with Lightning. CoinMall is a marketplace for digital goods, thus you can list your digital products for sale too. Lighting payments are perfect for this purpose since it is fast and there is no risk of charge backs.

Pay or be paid with Lightning on the online marketplace Neverfiat

lightning network market placeWhen you buy or sell on the online marketplace NEVERFIAT you can pay or be paid through the Lightning Network. Neverfiat is an online marketplace for consumer goods that only uses cryptocurrencies and offers free delivery worldwide.

Buy computer games with Lightning

buy computer games with LightningAt Joltfun you can buy your favourite computer game and pay with Lightning. Joltfun has more than 1000 games for sale for Steam, Origin, Uplay,, Xbox Live and Rockstar. Onchain Bitcoin and Lightning is accepted. As the website is telling us: Inflationary money is not accepted!

Have webcam sex and pay anonymously with Lightning to ensure privacy

pay anonymously for webcam sex with lightningWhen you have webcam sex, privacy is extremely important. The payment method you choose is one of the bigger privacy concerns. The payment provider can leak your private activity. Livejasmine is the biggest erotic webcam service and you can pay anonymously with Lightning.

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