Be your own bank with a Lightning Hardware Node

lightning hardware nodeA Lightning hardware node is a Lightning node that runs on a specialised piece of hardware. It is power efficient and secure because the hardware is solely equipped to run the Lightning node. Beside that, it will not interfere with your other activities on your personal computer.

A Lightning hardware node can verify onchain transactions and offchain transactions as well. Thus every wallet you connect this node to will be fully self validating and able to earn money by routing transactions.

What is a Lighting node?
A hardware Lightning node
Buy a pre-configured Lightning hardware node
Make a Lightning hardware node yourself
Specialised Lightning hardware
Hardware wallets for Lightning
General information about the Lightning Network

What is a lightning node?

what is a lightning node

What is a Lightning node?

A lightning channel is actually a not yet broadcast Bitcoin transaction. Once the channel get closed the transaction will be send to the blockchain. This means that a Lightning node need a Bitcoin full node to fully function. A Lightning node have to be installed on top of a Bitcoin full node. Bitcoin Core is the best and most common used Bitcoin full node implementation. Lightning will boost the decentralisation and anti fragility of Bitcoin because it is making it more useful to run a full node. More importantly, it will also improve the monetary sovereignty of it’s users. 

There are three main implementations

A Lightning node is software to transact with other participants in the Lightning network and route transactions of 3rd parties. There are three main implementations of Lightning: C-Lightning, Acinq and Lightning Labs. They all use the same standards, therefore they are compatible with each other. After you successfully installed the software, you can optimise your settings and connect to the Lightning Network.

A Lightning Hardware Node

A Lightning hardware node is a pre- installed and pre- configured Lightning node on a specialised hardware device. You can run a Lightning node on your computer or laptop. However, it have to be online full-time. Beside that information is vulnerable for hackers and malware. Therefore, it is better to run it on a specialised hardware device. Furthermore, for non-technical people a hardware node is much more convenient. Ready to use plug and play nodes are available. Because the software is pre-installed technical knowledge is not needed. On top of that, only resources that are needed to run the node are used. Thus it will be less costly in the long run.

Buy a pre-configured Lightning hardware node

A pre-configured Lightning node is the easiest way to run your own Lightning node. You don’t have to go through an enormous long setup process and you don’t need any technical knowledge. It is actually quite simple: Order the device, plug and play and be a part of the Lightning Network and the Bitcoin framework as wel!

Casa Node

casa lightning nodeThe Casa Node was one of the first hardware nodes for Lightning to hit the market. Casa is a company that creates key management solutions for Bitcoin hodlers. They help their customers to store mostly big stacks of cryptocurrency. Casa has been working on a Lightning node in secret and without any hype. The first batches were sold out in no-time. You can pre-order for the next available batch and the device will be delivered in a few months. The Casa Node cost 300 USD at the moment.

The Casa node is build with a Raspberry Pi and a 1TB hard drive, so there is enough storage capacity for future growth of the Blockchain. The Bitcoin blockchain and all the necessary software is downloaded on the device. You can use it after a few simple setup steps.

Lightning In A Box

lightning in a boxLightning In A Box is a pre-configured Bitcoin + Lightning node specially created for Businesses. Beside a Bitcoin full node and a Lighting node, BTCPayServer software is installed and configured. You can easily accept Bitcoin for your business without the need to rely on a 3rd party. The Lightning In A Box cost 399 USD and is best suited for business owners.

Create a Lightning hardware node yourself

A hardware node for Lightning can be created on a Raspberry Pi. The full Bitcoin node and the Lightning node will be installed on the device. The best way to do this is with the RaspiBlitz software. You can download it from Github and import it in the Raspberry Pi with a SD card. The code is open source and the best hardcore Lightning devs are working on it and organising Lightning hack days. During these hack days attendants can build or buy a RaspiBlitz.

When you want to set up a Raspiblitz yourself you need to order some electronics first. These are the items you need:

-RaspBerry Pi 3
-Micro SD-Card 16GB
-Power supply for RaspBerry Pi
-1 TB harddrive
-Case for RaspBerry Pi
-LCD display

You can choose between a Bitcoin or a Litecoin node and follow the instructions HERE to install all the software. Ones you finished with the setup you can start to play with the Lightning Network!

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