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lightning apps

Lightning Apps

Lightning Apps or Lapps are decentralised applications build on top of the Lightning Network thus technically speaking 3rd layer solutions. Shortly after the launch of the Lightning Network the first simple Lapps came online and it is expected that more and more complicated applications will be build on top of Lightning when the network matures.

Because the superior properties of Lightning it is realistic to expect that Lightning will become the standard for Decentralised Applications.

The future of Lightning Apps
Why Lapps are better than onchain Dapps
List of Lightning Apps (Lapps)
Everything about the Lightning Network
Lightning Network hardware
A pre-configured Lightning node
Hardware wallets for Lightning

The future of Lightning Apps

Lightning enables streaming of money, micro transactions and instant swaps with any digital good. This brings the possibility to create applications where instant payments can be made in a trust-less matter. Using Lightning for gambling, decentralised marketplaces and implemented in browsers are obvious use cases and already being done.

When innovation accelerates more complicated applications will be created and possibilities will pop up that we can’t even imagine today. Eventually everything that alt coins promise to do will be possible on Lightning but even better.

Why Lapps are better than onchain Dapps

A blockchain doesn’t scale very well. It is not very smart to implement complicated code in the base layer because it fills up the limited blockspace and increases the attack vector. The base layer of Bitcoin is perfectly build for small (in terms of data) and high value transactions.

This greatly enhances the decentralisation and security of the network because there is an as high as possible value on the base layer (to pay the miners) while the resources needed to verify are minimal (to make full nodes accessible for everyone).

Smart contract platforms like Ethereum made the mistake to implement complicated code in the base layer and thus attract low value per unit onchain data. This means that it is impossible to reach an optimal security level and that scaling issues will pop up in an early stage. Building 2nd layers doesn’t make sense when the base layer is (relatively) unstable and insecure.

When exactly the same Dapp is build on the Lightning Network and on Ethereum. The version running on Lightning will heavily outperform. When the Dapp build on Ethereum becomes popular it will congest the entire network while the Dapp on Lightning will not influence the Bitcoin network at all and remain very fast and cheap to use.

Also, a 2nd layer solutions will make the entire network more valuable. This will attract miners and make every layer more secure and thus add value to every layer. This again will attract more miners and a positive feedback loop is born.  An onchain smart contract platform is lacking this network effect and will have a very hard job to compete with a layered network.

List of Lightning Apps (Lapps)

Contribute to a decentralised artwork

Satoshiplace is a decentralised artwork and you can contribute for one Satoshi per pixel. Satoshiplace was the first Lightning App to go viral. It has shown the power of micro transactions to the world. Use Satoshiplace to promote your business, express your view or just have fun!

Publish messages and upvote or downvote with Lightning

At Thundermessage you can publish messages and upvote or downvote a message by sending Satoshi’s via Lightning Network. Messages with the most upvotes will be ranked highest on the page and messages with the least upvotes will be at the bottom of the page. Publish a message and make it visible with a Lightning payment!

Read articles and pay a tiny fee with Lightning to the author

pay with lightning for articlesAt Y’alls you can publish an article and people who intent to read it have to pay a tiny fee with Lightning. The people behind Y’alls are working on and with Lightning from the early days. Beside content the platform delivers access to groups and links to Lightning wallets.

Play provably fair roulette with Lightning

play roulette with lightningOn Lightning Roulette you can play roulette with Lightning. After you set your bet a Lightning invoice will pop up and you can send a certain amount of Satoshi’s over the Lightning Network and start the game. The outcome is provably fair, so you won’t be cheated out of your hard earned bitcoins!

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